Hosting A Dinner Party Soon? 2 Insects You Should Consider Serving

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Hosting A Dinner Party Soon? 2 Insects You Should Consider Serving

18 April 2017
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If you are planning to host a dinner party soon, instead of serving traditional foods, you should consider serving different types of foods to make things interesting. One type of food that will keep people talking is insects. There are many different types of insects that people eat and you may be surprised at how they taste, as well as how good they are for you. Below are two of these insects so you can decide if you would like to serve them at your party.


Grasshoppers have 20. 6 grams of protein and 3.0 mg of iron, which is more protein and iron than some beans you may eat. You can find grasshoppers in your own backyard and they are often served with tortillas and guacamole. This makes them the perfect insect if you are serving Mexican food at your dinner party. You can catch grasshoppers best early in the morning as they move slower during this part of the day.

If you choose grasshoppers, first thing you need to do is to pull off their heads and the insides will come along with. You can eat the insides of grasshoppers but you need to cook them before you eat them because there may be parasites. Remove the legs and wings and dry roast the grasshoppers in a pan. You can also roast the grasshoppers over an open flame on a skewer.


Ants are also a high source of protein and you can find them anywhere. One of the best ways is to find an anthill in your yard and put a stick in the hole. The ants will climb out of the hole quickly so you can catch them. You can use a small hand shovel to quickly scoop the ants up. Bring a container filled with water to put the ants in, which will kill them and prevent them from climbing out.

When you have the ants, you can boil them for approximately five to six minutes. Ants are spicy and boiling removes some of this spiciness. If you eat them raw they should be dead as you do not want them to bite you. You can also serve ants as a dessert by dipping them in melted chocolate

If you do not want to catch insects and make them yourself, you can find retailers online that sell insects already prepared for you, or they may serve insects raw so you can prepare them yourself.