4 Steps For Utilizing A Mail-In Cutlery Knife Sharpening Service

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4 Steps For Utilizing A Mail-In Cutlery Knife Sharpening Service

3 March 2022
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Brand new cutlery is a joy to use. It has a fine edge that can slice through tough root vegetables and soft fruits with equal ease. Cutlery can become dull over time, making kitchen accidents more likely. Fortunately, you don't need to trade in your kitchen knives just because they've lost their edge. Instead, you can send your cutlery to a mail-in sharpening service to restore your kitchen utensils to their former glory. Here are four things you should do when deciding to utilize one of these services: 

1. Browse the rates for your mail-in cutlery sharpening service.

Before sending your cutlery to a mail-in knife sharpening service, you should take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the company's rates. Most cutlery sharpening services charge different rates for different pieces of cutlery. Larger knives are typically more expensive to sharpen than smaller knives, and serrated knives are typically more expensive to sharpen than straight blades. Counting your knives and categorizing them before mailing them in can ensure that you aren't surprised when the bill arrives.

2. Mail in things other than kitchen knives.

Cutlery knife sharpening services sharpen steak knives, paring knives, chef's knives, and other blades commonly used in the kitchen. However, many knife sharpening services also service other tools that need to keep a sharp edge. You can send your scissors, gardening tools, and other household items in for sharpening. When in doubt, you can always contact a representative of the mail-in sharpening service before sending your items to ensure that they can be serviced.

3. Package your cutlery in an appropriate container.

When you've gathered all the cutlery and tools you intend to mail in for sharpening, it's time to package them. Choose a box that comfortably fits all of your cutlery, and wrap each knife in newspaper to protect the recipient from sharp blades. Seal your box well and send it to the appropriate address. 

4. Schedule follow-up sharpening services.

A newly sharpened blade can stay sharp for a long time when properly cared for. Honing your knife with a honing rod before each use can help it maintain its edge for longer. However, eventually your cutlery will need to be sharpened again. You can ensure that your kitchen knives are always in great condition by scheduling additional sharpening services from a place like Knife Flight. Staggering the rate at which you mail in your cutlery can ensure that you always have usable knives in your home, even while your other cutlery is out for servicing.