Three Tips For Companies That Offer Their Employees Coffee

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Three Tips For Companies That Offer Their Employees Coffee

17 April 2017
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It can be common for employers to offer their workers access to coffee. This can be a cost-effective amenity that can help to boost overall productivity. However, business managers frequently underestimate the steps that they should be following to ensure their business is getting the most from their coffee budgets.

Create A Cleaning Schedule For The Coffee Maker

Over the course of a day, your business's coffee maker may see extensive use. However, workers can often be unreliable when it comes to cleaning the coffee maker. Unfortunately, a dirty coffee maker can compromise the taste of the coffee as well as posing a potential health risk. In order to ensure that your coffee maker is as clean as possible, you should create a firm schedule for cleaning it. By posting this schedule near the coffee maker and requiring workers to initial after cleaning it, you will be able to quickly verify that it has been cleaned recently.

Prevent Humidity From Ruining The Coffee

One of the more effective ways of controlling your company's coffee expenses is to buy it in bulk. However, you will need to have a suitable storage area for the coffee to avoid it degrading. In particular, humidity can be one of the most common threats to coffee. To ensure that the area you are storing the coffee has the lowest humidity possible, you will want to place humidity control gels, dehumidifiers and ensure the area is well ventilated.

Limit The Varieties Of Coffee You Offer Your Employees

It can be tempting to offer a range of coffees for your workers to choose. Yet, this may not be a very efficient decision because it can lead to more coffee being wasted. In particular, this will occur when one employee decides that they want a different type of coffee than what is available and pour out the remaining coffee. You can limit this problem while also offering a variety by limiting the types of available coffee to the number of available coffee makers.

Coffee can help your employees start the day strong and gain a second wind after eating lunch. Yet, you may find that you can encounter some issues when it comes to offering coffee. By appreciating the need to clean the coffee maker on a regular basis, being mindful when storing the coffee as well as limiting the number of varieties offered, you will be able to ensure that your company is being as efficient as possible when offering this amenity.

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