6 Unusual Uses For Your Grapevine Hanging Pot Rack

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6 Unusual Uses For Your Grapevine Hanging Pot Rack

19 April 2017
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Hanging pot racks can be wonderful for kitchens, creating extra space for pots and pans that you reach for every day. Some pot racks have beautiful grapevine or floral designs that make them just as attractive as they are useful. But what happens if you don't need a space for pots and pans? There are other ways you can use that pretty pot rack. Here are six of them. 

Kitchen Gadgets Holder

You don't have to look further than your kitchen to find an alternative use for your pot rack. Simply hang it sideways on the wall, and you can use it to keep and organize all kinds of kitchen tools from measuring cups to spatulas. 

Tool Rack

Pot racks are designed to handle a lot of weight. This makes them excellent for hanging hand tools as well as larger electric tools. Hang it in your mud room, garage or laundry room to keep the tools you use most often. 

Craft Center

Every crafty person needs a rack for storing all those necessary items like glue guns and embossers. You can create a craft room that will be the envy of your friends by using a decorative pot rack. Best of all, it will give you an excuse to buy even more craft supplies. 

Hanging Garden

Put your pot rack in a sunny spot on an enclosed porch or any bright room, and you have the perfect place for hanging plants. You could grow strawberries and tomatoes, or you can simply plant flowers or greenery. It's a pretty way to display your plants, and it's practical as well. 

You could even grow a real grapevine over the decorative one. 

Toy Storage

A pot rack can be a great addition to a child's room or play area. Fill it with stuffed animals, and hang bags for action figures or smaller dolls.  


  • That beautiful pot rack is a piece of art in itself. You can take that to the next level by personalizing it to fit your own decor. 
  • Put your decorative pot rack over a dining room table to add a romantic element. Suspend candles from the rack, or hang a string of electric lights. 
  • To decorate a more whimsical room in room in your home, tuck silk flowers into your pot rack. Change them with the seasons.

You can do great things with a decorative pot rack. Use these ideas as inspiration to create a unique piece of your own. 

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