3 Types Of Wines To Enjoy This Fall

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3 Types Of Wines To Enjoy This Fall

4 September 2018
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With the advent of fall, it is time to change up the flavors of wine that you are enjoying. Step outside of your usual bottle, and enjoy a few types of wines that are great for the cooler weather and comfort foods of fall.

#1 Zinfandel

Zinfandel is a great wine for the fall. Go for the styles of zinfandel that have richer notes to them. You are going to want to go for wines that have flavors of raisin, cinnamon, and chocolate. These Zinfandel wines usually have a higher ABV, but they also have a rich and deep flavor that is great for fall. If you pour yourself a glass of this wine, be sure to prepare food with it or be prepared not to drive, as the ABV is higher with this type of wine.

Zinfandel is a great wine for fall because it pairs well with some of the best foods of fall. You can enjoy a Zinfandel with any type of pumpkin desert, bread, or treat. It also works well with turkey and a side of cranberries and even with some good barbeque ribs.

#2 Cabernet Franc

A great thing about Cabernet Franc is that it is not all about the fruit flavors. Fall is about deep and rich flavors, and a Cabernet Franc can really fulfill this type of flavor craving. The Cabernet Franc has some nice, deep flavors. It has peppercorn notes to it. You can also find some with chili and bell pepper notes as well. Yes, there are still some fruit notes to this wine, but the peppercorn and chili notes really give this wine a deep and complex flavor that goes beyond sweet and hits your need for a spicier flavor.

This wine can taste great with some pizza or with some pasta. It flavors really well with any food dish that includes roasted peppers.

#3 Grenache

This is a really great wine if you are looking for something that is a little lighter with flavor but higher in alcohol, Grenache is a great wine choice. It is a really friendly wine, and a great one to share with friends who don't drink a lot of wine. It is a wine both new and novice wine drinkers will enjoy.

If the wine comes from Spain, Australia, or the U.S.A., you'll find that it has more tones of raspberry and clove. If the wine was grown in France or Italy, it's going to have more strawberry and herb flavor to it. Either way, you are getting a light berry wine with herbal undertones to it.

It pairs really well with a pork roast, Moroccan food, roasted veggies, and just about anything with a deep herb flavor to it.

This fall, change up the wine in your glass. Pair classic fall foods with a Zinfandel from Andersen Valley wineries, pair your favorite pasta and pizza with a Cabernet Franc, and enjoy a Grenache with a pork roast and roasted veggies.