Purchase Fresh-Baked Flatbreads And A Variety Of Sauces And Toppings For Homemade Pizza Night

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Purchase Fresh-Baked Flatbreads And A Variety Of Sauces And Toppings For Homemade Pizza Night

14 September 2018
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If you are anticipating the first time that you will be firing up your new outdoor pizza oven and have decided upon a rustic-style pizza dinner for the initial cooking experience, save yourself the hassle of rolling out dough by hand by buying fresh flatbreads from a bakery. Use some spices and healthy toppings to garnish the pizzas that will be served during a hearty meal that is shared with your immediate family.

Purchase And Preserve Flatbreads

Traditional flatbreads are made with flour, water, and salt. This type of bread is rolled out until the dough is thin and evenly dispersed. Purchase plenty of flatbreads so that you can create several stunning pizzas. The bakery where you purchase the flatbreads from may offer breads that have been brushed with olive oil or garlic so that the bread flavoring is peppery or zesty.

If you haven't tried unflavored or flavored flatbreads, ask an employee of the bakery if there are any samples on hand that you could have. A bakery owner may be more than happy to offer a taste of their creations in hopes that you will be satisfied and become a recurring client. After purchasing the flatbreads, they should remain chilled until you are ready to use them.

Seal the flatbreads in a storage bag to prevent moisture accumulation and hardening of the dough. Do not worry about the breads going stale. As long as you have chosen to cook the pizzas in the next couple days, you will be good to go, and the flatbread will have a crisp exterior and doughy center after the pizzas have been cooked in the pizza oven.

Pick Your Toppings

Marinara or Alfredo sauce are popular choices when it comes to coating a pizza crust, but don't feel as if you cannot experiment a little if you have a sauce variety that you truly enjoy or if a family recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation appeals to your curiosity and you think a homemade pizza may be a masterpiece if you add the sauce type.

Purchase sausages, pepperoni, chopped vegetables, and cheese blends to add to the pizzas. If you want to make a chicken alfredo pizza, purchase cubed chicken to place on top of the crust that contains the alfredo sauce.

Any meat toppings that are being used should be precooked prior to placing them on the pizzas so that you do not need to worry about the crusts baking and the meat toppings remaining raw once the crusts are ready for removal from the oven. After preparing the pizzas, head outdoors with one of the pizzas. Cook each pizza separately and allow it to cool down before slicing it and serving it to your family.