Considering Catering? 3 Tips To Order The Right Entrees

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Considering Catering? 3 Tips To Order The Right Entrees

13 October 2020
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Whether you are trying to plan a business meeting or a wedding reception, feeding your guests will be instrumental in ensuring everyone has a nice time. However, if you don't order the right catering, the ambiance may suffer. Here are three tips for ordering the right entrees for your next big event. 

1. Theme The Event

With thousands of different entree options, it can be tricky to nail down a cuisine style to serve at the event. However, by choosing a very specific theme for your party or dinner, you can quickly and easily decide what to serve. For instance, if you are celebrating a wedding with a union between two cultures, you could think of which cuisines are popular in both regions, and serve a little of both. You could also ask your caterer to create a new dish or to use a family recipe to serve as the main entree. 

2. Gather Data

To serve food that people will love, you have to know your audience. Before you start talking with catering companies, gather as much information about your guests as possible. Consider sending out a dining survey to ask people to select from multiple entrees, while also requesting information about dietary restrictions and allergies. By gaining this information early on in the process, you can make sure to serve things that won't endanger anyone and that people will love. 

3. Think About Your Timeline

If you will be serving more than one course, think about when serving the entree would make the most sense, and time the event properly. If you are hosting a long event, make sure the entree is large enough to fill people up. On the other hand, if the meal component is at the end of the event, you may choose to do something lighter, such as an appetizer menu without entrees at all, to keep people comfortable. 

Talk with your caterer about your specific event, and ask for entree recommendations. From soups and sandwiches to full-blown tasting menus filled with new treats, caterers can talk with you about what would work for your event. 

When you have a good idea of what you are looking for in food for your event, talk with as many caterers as possible to figure out what they can do for you. If possible, taste the kinds of food they have available, and think carefully about how many courses your guests might want to enjoy. By planning carefully, you can avoid hassles all along the way, which can improve the outcome of your event. 

For more information, reach out to a local catering service.